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FOX News
May 13, 2012 3:00am PDT
and brown blaming it on the economy and blocking billions of dollars in state cuts. just in case you fell asleep early. "saturday night live" cast members past and present taking some shots at the bid for the white house. >> joe, what's wrong? >> what's wrong, are you serious? do you really not get it? >> does it have something to do with the whole gay marriage thing. >> doy! >> it's not fair, okay? i was the first one said it should be legal and now you're the one getting the credit. you know, sm people say i make a great president, all right? better than you even. >> who said that, joe? >> george. >> we're going to talk about your imagery friend george again? >> he's gone, come out, george. >> that guy is a real buzz kill. >> (laughter) >> well done. it's great to see will ferrell back. >> i know. >> and actually a clever sketch there, i think. nice to see them start the show with that. >> let's check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: not always so clever. i am not hiding that at all. yes. >> clayton: will ferrell on screen is funny. >> rick: good to have him back at least for a day. all r
FOX News
May 20, 2012 3:00am PDT
a mild infarction, really excited. let' go to rick. >> rick: big brown, dave the last horse was about to be the triple crown, thought it might be. >> dave: always the third leg that's brutal and as you pointed out the weather plays a role. >> rick: and belmont, later in the season gets warm. we have a couple of things going on the one is a tropical storm, tropical storm alberto formed yesterday, take a look at the weather maps and you can see the satellite there. it's a very small storm, not a big issue for us, it will bring a little bit of rain and maybe 30 mile per hour winds across the south carolina coast line, a little bit of squall, a little bit of kind of rough surf, but for the most part. a slow moverment by tuesday starts to move up to the northeast and it will stay off shore. we're not expecting big impacts, but about 12 daes -- 12 days early. and across areas of the northeast, another spectacular day, getting warm towards buffalo. 87 degrees, a ton of sunshine, boy the late afternoon, we'll start to see some clouds fill in, especially across the southern end of that. from t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)